The Sound Sanctum

I am a 64 year old Technophobe with anything to do with computers! I searched for someone to create a web site for my Vibrational Sound Therapy but could find no one until I was recommended by another Intuitive to Sara Shebear!
Being an Intuitive herself, an Innovator and Teacher, she made everything easy for me. Sara then went on to Empower me with face to face and video tutorials on how I could manage the upkeep of my website alone!!! I am so eternally grateful Sara appeared in my life to Teach and Empower me so that my work can now go out into the world to reach out to others.

Safe For Talk

‘Your Journey starts here.’

Counsellor & Colour Mirror Practitioner

Complete website development and support.

Whole Self Leadership

‘Create more meaning by unlocking your whole self.’

Coach, Facilitator & Colour Teacher

Support with re-design and Woo commerce shop.

The Blessed Bee
Therapist & Bee Expert

Sara Shebear worked to empower me with my own online course. She guided be through the process, holding my hand all the way. Once up and running any teething issues I had, and panicked over again Sara was there for me. She responds quickly, kindly and calmly in a way that treats me as a human being! I highly recommend her if you need support, a new website or are venturing into online courses. She really helps you go for it!

Jane Wilmer
Confidence Coach & Blogger

I can highly recommend Sara as she did my website and helped me understand how to use it for my blog – which is a skill all of it’s own ! To say she is patient and understanding is an understatement xxx”

Complete website development and support.

*Re-vamped October 2020*

Holistic Therapies

I can’t thank Sara Shebear enough for helping me create my Soulful website. I was feeling totally overwhelmed by the whole process but was then thankfully & fortuitously introduced to Sara. I immediately felt, calm and relaxed and in safe hands. Although at a distance support was always there.
Sara patiently worked through with me to help me create everything I had in my mind. Then finally empowering through training on how to use WordPress was the cherry on the top of the cake. Great experience!

Merlin Sphere ~ Astrology

Intuitive Astrologer & Spiritual Mentor

Complete website development