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  • Regular review meetings to make sure your website is what was agreed
  • Complete transparency about what will be provided, in everyday English
  • Examples of other WordPress websites to inspire ideas
  • Full instructions about what you need to provide the developer
  • Developed intuitively in alignment with your energy/style/brand
  • Complete hosting package that provides domain name, hosting and emails
  • Full ownership of user names and passwords
  • Flexible theme, suitable for all internet connected devices
  • GDPR and Cookie notification
  • SSL security
  • Payment plan (subject to conditions)
  • Business email setup (subject to hosting)
  • Contact form
  • Blog facility with email sign-up
  • Tuition to suit your pace and level
  • Additional support services
  • SEO (Site Engine Optimisation)
  • Landing Pages and email Automation
  • E-commerce facilities
  • Events and appointment booking
  • Testimonial collection and display
  • Monthly Maintenance contract
  • Newsletter about important WordPress articles and updates

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