Sara Shebear

Founder and Managing Director

Intuitive WordPress website development for those who are overwhelmed by technology.

Your hand is held through each step to create your authentic online presence.

Whether it is a new website or support, a service is provided to suit your budget, pace and style.

We stand for quality, and we are proud of it.

  • We specialise in creating Heart Centred WordPress websites for Coaches and Therapists.
  • We understand that technology can be overwhelming.
  • Technical terminology is translated into easy-to-understand terms to empower you to take charge of your website.
  • Your website is developed with your unique energy in mind.
  • We ensure it is in alignment to help you attract suitable clients.
  • Renowned patience and understanding see Client Comments below

Changed my life
I am a 64 year old Technophobe with anything to do with computers! I searched high and low for help from somebody, anybody, business, private or friend to create a web site for my Vibrational Sound Therapy but could find no one who could truly understand what I wanted until I was recommended by another Intuitive to Sara Shebear!
I had articles in my head and ideas ready to run but no idea of how to format or build upon the screen. Within literally 24 hours Sara had the platform ready to go with all the basic material I sent her and she set everything up so professionally with total understanding for what I was trying to achieve. Being an Intuitive herself, an Innovator and Teacher, she made everything easy for me. Sara then went on to Empower me with face to face and video tutorials on how I could manage the upkeep of my website alone!!! I am so eternally grateful and so glad I put my request out to the Universe and that Sara appeared in my life to Teach and Empower me so that my work can now go out into the world to reach out to others.

Annette A.

What we offer

Check out the list of what we offer and see how we compare!

  • Regular review meetings to make sure your website is what was agreed
  • Complete transparency about what will be provided, in everyday English
  • Examples of other WordPress websites to inspire ideas
  • Full instructions about what you need to provide the developer
  • Developed intuitively in alignment with your energy/style/brand
  • Complete hosting package that provides domain name, hosting and emails
  • Full ownership of user names and passwords
  • Flexible theme, suitable for all internet connected devices
  • GDPR and Cookie notification
  • SSL security
  • Payment plan (subject to conditions)
  • Business email setup (subject to hosting)
  • Contact form
  • Blog facility with email sign-up
  • Tuition to suit your pace and level
  • Additional support services
  • SEO (Site Engine Optimisation)
  • Landing Pages and email Automation
  • E-commerce facilities
  • Events and appointment booking
  • Testimonial collection and display
  • Monthly Maintenance contract
  • Newsletter about important WordPress articles and updates